Pediatric Physiotherapy

Is your child having difficulties or delays in the development of their motor skills?

Pediatric Physiotherapy at Clinique Neurogym®

The pediatric physiotherapy offered at Neurogym can aide children and adolescents, from the ages of 0 to 18, with any motor skill deficits that might be affecting their development. 

With younger children that haven’t started walking yet, we introduce activities and strategies that parents can use at home, which will stimulate and help children progress through the stages of motor function leading to independent movement and walking.

For children that are able to walk, we will assist them, depending on their needs, in improving their walking in different directions, at different speeds, as well as with their balance, coordination, agility, jumping and running, all with exercises that are both stimulating and fun!

Moreover, we can aide your child in the development of the fine motor skills in their arms and hands (ie: grabbing, holding, manipulating and letting go of objects), their coordination (ie.: throwing and catching a ball), as well as their manual dexterity (ie.: drawing, writing, etc).

If you think your child might benefit from the help of a physiotherapist to improve the development of their motor skills, please do not hesitate to get in touch for an initial assessment.

We Provide:

Examples of Pediatric Training at NeuroGym®

Experience State
of the Art Technology

The NeuroGym® line of patented mobility training equipment, developed by our Founder Avi Nativ (PhD PT), makes rehabilitation more effective by enabling retraining and recovery. Acquired by Medline in 2018, The NeuroGym® line of equipment is now being used successfully across North America to improve mobility and functional independence. This equipment allows those who cannot stand or would otherwise not typically expect to see significant improvements in motor abilities to drastically improve their functional skills and regain independence, including:

Enhanced Virtual Care & Equipment Rental

For those who are unable to attend the clinic in person, we offer enhanced virtual rehab therapy and equipment rental . Begin your recovery from home through our one-on-one tele-rehab and work with our skilled therapists in leading-edge NeuroGym® equipment.

Conditions we treat include:

… & more!

Client Stories

Explore some of our client stories below to gain insight into the outcomes of our unique rehab approach.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

I found NeuroGym after my mum had a massive stroke in February 2020. After 4 months of virtual therapy with NeuroGym, my mum has progressed from someone who I thought would never get out of bed to a one person assist.
I have Parkinson’s Disease. Over the months I have improved in both strength and balance while my disease has not noticeably deteriorated at all. I feel fortunate to have found NeuroGym. The outlook for my disease without it could have been grim indeed.
Our son had a stroke when he was 14 years old. He has been involved in five to seven day a week therapy. The recovery has been amazing. It’s been beyond expectations and dramatic.
This place is amazing, it gives people hope and opens doors in so many ways.
My son was getting married and I really wanted to walk up the aisle with my husband. NeuroGym helped me do it.
I have MS, I’ve had MS since I was 18. My doctors had said “no, it’s chronic progressive”. But NeuroGym has given me the opportunity to build strength. It’s made a huge difference.
When I first came here I had almost no strength in my legs and I could barely move my right leg. You can imagine going from not being able to move at all, to standing, to being able to walk! This is the way for me to stay in shape and stay healthy.
I was in a bad state and was discharged home in a coma. Then I began with Avi and the growth was exponential. The rest is history, I was here for twelve years. It’s a great place, I can’t express my thanks enough.