Pediatric Physiotherapy

Is your child having difficulties or delays in the development of their motor skills?

The pediatric physiotherapy offered at Neurogym can aide children and adolescents, from the ages of 0 to 18, with any motor skill deficits that might be affecting their development. 

With younger children that haven’t started walking yet, we introduce activities and strategies that parents can use at home, which will stimulate and help children progress through the stages of motor function leading to independent movement and walking.

For children that are able to walk, we will assist them, depending on their needs, in improving their walking in different directions, at different speeds, as well as with their balance, coordination, agility, jumping and running, all with exercises that are both stimulating and fun!

Moreover, we can aide your child in the development of the fine motor skills in their arms and hands (ie: grabbing, holding, manipulating and letting go of objects), their coordination (ie.: throwing and catching a ball), as well as their manual dexterity (ie.: drawing, writing, etc).

If you think your child might benefit from the help of a physiotherapist to improve the development of their motor skills, please do not hesitate to get in touch for an initial assessment.


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