At NeuroGym® Rehab, we are mobility innovators! All our services are geared to getting you up and moving better.

We treat people from ‘two to ninety-two’ – so whether it’s a child with cerebral palsy or someone elderly who has had a stroke, we have the team of professionals who can help.

All of the NeuroGym® training protocols provide measured outcomes as we strive to provide the most effective, research-based physical rehabilitation possible. NeuroGym® Rehabilitation provides leading-edge physiotherapy for individuals with movement impairments associated with neurologic injuries or conditions.

The NeuroGym® approach is based on sound evidence from movement science, medicine, physiology, exercise science and rehabilitation research. Using our active techniques and patented equipment, our physiotherapists can enable movement and training when it would otherwise be unsafe or impossible to do.  So whether you want to begin standing from a wheelchair, re-learn the ability to walk, regain balance and coordination or re-acquire skills like running or biking, our physiotherapists have the skills and equipment to help you achieve your goals

We provide:

  • Physiotherapy Assessments
  • One-on-One Treatment
  • Recommendations for Home/Community Gym Programs
  • Insurance/Medical Reports & Progress Notes

Some examples of unique training at NeuroGym®

Learn more by watching the videos below.


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