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Rehabilitation is both a science and an art – a science because it should be based on sound, evidence-based principles, and an art because much depends upon the ability of the clinician to see movement and movement deficits with a trained eye, to recognize what needs to be changed and know how to best accomplish that change.

But even educated, trained rehabilitation professionals can be limited in what they can help their clients achieve if they don’t have the best equipment available to make mobility training possible and effective for all. NeuroGym’s Founder,  Avi Nativ PhD (Kinesiology)  PT has made developing ‘movement enabling’ devices a major part of his life’s work.  As a result, at NeuroGym® Rehab, you will have access to leading edge technology that makes rehabilitation more effective and more enjoyable!

Our patented NeuroGym® Technologies equipment was especially designed to allow for optimal physical movement in complete safety.

Here are a few examples of the unparalled capabilities of NeuroGym® Rehab. Use the tab menu to toggle.

Re-learn the standing motion and develop the strength and coordination to do so independently or with less assistance. Even people who haven’t stood in many years can re-learn this vital skill!

The patented Sit to Stand Trainer was designed by our Founder to enable people to actively re-train the standing motion.

This unique piece of equipment provides graduated support in a way that allows even people who haven’t stood in years to gradually acquire the strength and coordination to carry out the standing motion through their own efforts.

Re-learn the Standing MotionRe-learn the Standing Motion

Safely practice gait and improve balance in the Bungee Mobility Trainer.

If you want to improve stability and lessen the chance of a fall, you have to practice dynamically in a way that challenges your balance.

Using this tool, you can safely challenge your stability, practice protective reactions like taking side steps, and even practice falling safely with no chance of hitting the ground!

Practice Gait & Improve BalancePractice Gait & Improve Balance

Practice intensively with our patented NeuroGym® Trainer.

A state-of-the art system that combines biofeedback with computer games so that everything from fine motor skills, facial muscle control and balance can be trained in a fun and motivational environment.

Improve Fine Motor SkillsImprove Fine Motor SkillsImprove Fine Motor Skills

Improve upper and lower limb mobility and strength and improve cardiovascular endurance with the Pendulum Stepper.

This device can be used from a wheelchair or even supine on a plinth.  Unlike cycle machines, this equipment helps develop  ‘step-specific’ strength, range of motion and coordination. It can also provide a great cardiovascular work out!

Improve Limb Mobility & Strength

Neurogym Equipment

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