Stroke Rehabilitation & Recovery Physiotherapy

Mobility Focused Stroke Rehabilitation 

It’s hard to see a loved one struggle with loss of mobility or reduced mobility caused by stroke. You may be unsure of how you can help. It’s important to realize that post-stroke rehabilitation plays a crucial role in helping them regain some mobility and restore normal limb function and independence.

Mobility focused physiotherapy is an approach that gets “dormant” limbs moving again by challenging muscles with exercises at a pace the client can handle.  We move at each client’s individual pace.

NeuroGym Approach to Stroke Rehabilitation Physio

At Neurogym®, experienced physiotherapists work one on one with clients to first assess their current mobility level and then design a customized physiotherapy program to help rebuild muscle function.

Evidence Based Stroke Rehabilitation Physiotherapy

Recent efforts to base stroke rehabilitation on sound evidence have contributed to the development of more effective methodologies that should improve the outcome of the rehabilitative efforts in both the acute and the post-acute stage of recovery. Most informed professionals in the field of physical and occupational therapy now theoretically acknowledge these methodologies. However, as has been the case in many evolving fields, evidence-based knowledge may take a while to trickle down to all professionals in the field.

The best model for evidence-based rehabilitation is one that views the needs of the person recovering from stroke along five divisions of motor behavior:

  • Sensory-Motor control and Coordination
  • Strength
  • Range of Motion
  • Balance
  • Mobility

Advanced Equipment Helps Stroke Rehabilitation

NeuroGym® applies sophisticated, equipment and technology for retraining movement.  For example, the Bungee Mobility Trainer provides graduated body weight support from below so clients can safely:

  • Retrain muscle coordination
  • Improve mobility and strength
  • Redevelop fine motor skills
Bungee Mobility Trainer

Bungee Mobility Trainer

Clients are given as much support as they need, while being challenged at their level.  Balance and stability are developed because clients can safely stumble without falling. With practice, strength, balance & confidence improve. Safely stumble while relearning balance and walking.

Sit To Stand Trainer

Sit To Stand Trainer

Provides support so that even individuals who cannot stand can relearn this critical ability.

TIM Trainer

TIM Trainer

A comprehensive biofeedback system designed to retrain muscles using speed sensitive computer games…. The “game” provides motivation so clients have fun without realizing they are in physio.

Neurogym® Tech equipment

NeuroGym’s Stroke Physiotherapy is Science and Evidence Based

NeuroGym’s stroke physiotherapy is based on science and stresses the importance of analytical thinking when applying a treatment regime to produce measurable, quantifiable results. NeuroGym Founder, Avi Nativ PT, authored an article for the Ottawa Stroke Survivors Association Newsletter that sets out the type of information one would need to gather to evaluate whether a neuro-rehab clinic is truly ‘evidence-based’.

At NeuroGym®, clinicians take one-on-one care of clients by applying evidence based, active techniques that increase mobility, balance, co-ordination and strength.

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