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Perhaps you have a loved one who has suffered a stroke, acquired a brain injury, or has injured their spinal cord. Neuro-physiotherapy builds their mobility, coordination, and strength which helps them regain functional independence.

Evidence Based Neurological Physiotherapy From Mobility Innovators

Therapy at NeuroGym® was born out of a science background and always stresses the importance of analytical thinking when applying a treatment regime and producing measurable, quantifiable results. NeuroGym® Founder, Avi Nativ PT, authored an article for the Ottawa Stroke Survivors Association Newsletter that sets out the type of information one would need to gather to evaluate whether a neuro-rehab clinic is truly ‘evidence-based’.

At NeuroGym®, registered physiotherapists provide one-on-one care of clients by applying evidence based and active techniques that increase mobility, balance, coordination and strength.

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